Go forth and Dream

It’s a new day 

Do you feel inspiration in the air?
Now is a good time to take those little steps. Keep your feet moving even if it’s just a shuffle. 

When you get tired, give yourself a break. Allow yourself to stop moving for a moment, to decompress, to rest and to recharge your energy. 

Just relax for a while. 
When you feel your energy lift, why not look for some inspiration? 

Get inspired and allow yourself to dream of the possibilities. Let your imagination create something fun to think about.

 Wild fantasies, practical day dreams, funny musings, whatever wakes your heart up and makes you smile. 
What are those dreams? 

What would be fun to do? 

What seems impossible but in your heart you know you’d love? 

Can you feel your dreams beckon you towards something new? A vision of a future where you allow yourself to experience more. 
 Remember from time to time that the limit of possibility is only a concept, and that the reality of experience is…

You don’t really know until you try. 


Keep Trying

​So, you are feeling a little under the weather. You made a mistake and now you’re back sliding into that habit you’ve been trying so hard to change.

Maybe today you’re feeling the symptoms of an existential crisis. 

Is it really possible to reach your goals? Fulfill your hopes? Achieve those dreams? 

Whether it’s self improvement, education, relationships, career, or creative projects, when the going gets rough, 

It is simply worth the effort to try. Every time. 

The result you want may seem distant.

Sometimes you walk for days and it remains a glint in the horison, at times it seems to get further away.

But I’m telling you, keep up the effort.

Don’t give up. 

Keep trying. 

Make your self a promise. Make your life a priority. 

Stick with the change, forgive yourself when you mess up, and try again tomorrow. 

You can do this. 

Every step you take forward makes you stronger.

When you slip up and regain your footing, you become a little wiser. 

Some days are harder than others. 

You’ll feel better when you can see the changes manifest. Gradually they show up as reminders of your past effort, inspiring you to keep going.

The stress of today can dissolve. 

You can find little ways to make your life easier. 

There will be little reminders and encouragements along the way. 

And you’ll get better at it all, I promise. 

Just keep trying. 

Welcome Home

You’ve done so much to be where you are today. 

 Some of those things were mistakes you regret. Some were choices that brought you to a brighter place.

 No matter how or why you got here, you have yourself to thank for every obstical surpassed.. All the good advice well taken and all the pit falls you knew you could have avoided if you’d only listened to your gut. 

We all make mistakes. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself. 

Because inside you are the beautiful person you always hoped you were. Sure, you screw up from time to time, maybe a lot of the time and the demon to beauty ratio seems debatable now and then..But, really thats all fine too. It’s pretty normal. 

Just dont stop trying, keep believing in a better life for yourself, a better more authentic you. Remember that you’re exceptional.. You are exceptionally you, exceptionally unique, exceptionally a royal pain and exceptionally fantastic.. 

Embrace yourself and take some time today to find out who you really are. Thorns, horns, halos, rainbows and all. 

You deserve a little me time.